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Decoding Manhattan: Island of Diagrams, Maps, and Graphics features Call A Wrecking Ball to Make a Window

On Friday, I went to the post office to pick up my copy of the really astounding new book Decoding Manhattan: Island of Diagrams, Maps, and Graphics By Antonis Antoniou, and Steven Heller.… Continue reading

Making and negotiating value: design and collaboration with community led groups (with Elizabeth Chin) – CoDesign, 2019

I’m thrilled to announce that Elizabeth Chin‘s and my article, “Making and negotiating value: design and collaboration with community led groups,” and contribution to an exciting special issue of CoDesign, forthcoming, is available… Continue reading

Ground Rules on Hobart

I’ve been working for what feels like a long long time on an artist book called Ground Rules that is about cancer, and choices around death and dying, as imagined in relationship to… Continue reading

“‘…it’s your project, but it’s not necessarily your work…’: Infrastructuring, Situatedness, and Designing Relational Practice,” Participatory Design Conference 2016

ABSTRACT This paper builds on trajectories in PD that attend to designers’ situatedness within the broader systemic contexts in which they work. It proposes (re)considering infrastructuring, understood as a range of approaches to… Continue reading

“Finding ‘Community’ and other critical words” with Gabrielle Bendiner-Viani

Gabrielle Bendiner-Viani and I had the pleasure of writing about developing Working with People, a curriculum and online resource for design and pedagogy, for the latest issue of Urban Pamphleteer, published by the… Continue reading

World-Making: Working with Theory/Practice in Design

This article argues for an active role for theory in designing, especially feminist theory and cultural studies, both as a means of theorizing design through the work of designers and as a means… Continue reading

“How can we design something to transition people from a system that doesn’t want to let them go?”: Social Design and its Political Contexts

In fall 2010, I taught a course called Urban Services in which my students worked with students in the education program of a large non-profit organization in New York City that offers a range of… Continue reading

Beyond the Special Guest: Teaching “Trans” Now

Introduction: Beyond the Special Guest—Teaching “Trans” Now By Shana Agid and Erica Rand The theme of this issue of Radical Teacher, “Beyond the Special Guest: Teaching ‘Trans’ Now,” originated in a conversation between… Continue reading

Weston Teruya’s “The gracious city at its neighbor’s edge” at Pro Arts

  To be haunted and to write from that location, to take on the condition of what you study, is not a methodology or a consciousness you can simply adopt or adapt as… Continue reading

Teaching Against the Prison Industrial Complex

  Introduction By Shana Agid, Michael Bennett, and Kate Drabinski Angela Davis begins her influential book Are Prisons Obsolete? by pointing out how naturalized the system of mass incarceration has become in the United States.… Continue reading