Design in Crisis, Designing Cultures of Care, and Tricky Design – book chapters about design, politics, and abolition

Cover of the book "Tricky Design" with an image of a sculpture made with light and plastic threads.
Cover of the book "Designing Cultures of Care" with a gradient of green to yellow.
Cover of the book "Design in Crisis" with an image of trees being burned in a forest fire

In 2018 and 2020, I had the opportunity to contribute to three books on contemporary issues in design research, practice, and politics: Tricky Design: The Ethics of Things, edited by Tom Fisher and Lorraine Gamman; Designing Cultures of Care, edited by Laurene Vaughan; and Design in Crisis: New Worlds, Philosophies, and Practices, edited by Tony Fry and Adam Nocek. The chapter titles, and links to them, where available, are below.

  • “Making ‘safety,’ making freedom: Problem-setting, collaborative design, and contested futures,” in Tricky Design
  • “What do we want?: Designing Cultures of Care in Conditions of Precarity,” in Designing Cultures of Care
  • “Knowing What Needs: Design, Refusal, and Making Otherwise,” in Design in Crisis

I’m honored to have work alongside the other authors and designers in these collections. Click on the cover images above to see the books on the publishers’ websites.