Things I Might Need – Solo exhibition at Western New York Book Arts, May 13-June 18, 2022

On May 13th, Things I Might Need will open at Western New York Book Arts, in Buffalo, New York. I am so excited to be working with this fantastic space and group of people.

Things I Might Need brings four artist’s book and relief print projects together to examine power, desire, intimacy, and possibility at interpersonal and social scales. Combining writing, images, and book forms, the works in the exhibition weave together personal stories with narratives derived from archival research and from interviews with practitioners in fields from medicine to baseball to draw out unlikely metaphors and the questions that emerge from them. Using papermaking, letterpress, pressure prints and woodcuts, these pieces tell layered stories of bodies in motion and in space, navigating queerness, perfection, illness, and gender in precarious and shifting conditions. Made over several years, this work explores politics of making provisional, partial sense of regular but confounding experiences – love, grief, nostalgia, violence – as they are experienced and understood through our bodies’ relationships to histories, to land, to other people, and to the systems, large and small, that bring them together.

For more information, including open hours, May 13th opening details, a link to the June 8th artist talk (which will be online), and more on Western New York Book Arts, please check out the website!