Safe Keeping (2002-2003)

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Safe Keeping began as an inquiry into how the language of “safety” is shaped in people’s experiences and how commonplace, or dominant, ways of framing what constitutes safety, and safe keeping, elides other ways of thinking about what makes us safe, what compromises our safety, and what we might to do be, or feel, safer. Safe Keeping (2002) is a series of posters and woodcuts using images and language to explore this idea. This print piece was followed by Safe Keeping 2 (2003), a sound piece, bringing together voices of several interviewees responding to the questions above. Text from the Safe Keeping source interviews for the print series appear again in Safe Keeping (2011), a tear-off book, in which people’s answers to the framing questions for this series of works are truncated and featured on perforated stickers that propose alternate ways to frame and imagine safety.


safekeeping audio

Safekeeping 2, sound piece, 2003 (click image above to listen)